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Flying glass from a broken window can cause serious injury. Safety film will hold the glass in one piece, and help prevent such injuries. Whether you are worried about your child’s safety at home, or face the potential liability of injured employees or clients at your business, safety film will give you added peace of mind.

Our transparent, high-efficiency micro-thin fiber bonds to glass with a specially formulated adhesive. Glass and film will virtually become one, creating a barrier inside your window, helping contain flying glass shards, in the event the windows are broken.

In your car, our safety film holds the glass in one piece, in the event of an accident preventing shards from hitting your eyes, or skin, causing serious injury.

Natural disasters are unpreventable from happening, so why not help protect your family and investments in your home or business with safety glass. In the event of an earthquake, hurricane, high winds, or tornadoes, our safety glass will stop the shards from getting all over the floor, and protect your home, business, or car from injuries.


In addition, thicker safety films can help fight against a burglar’s most precious commodity… Time. Designed to significantly slow down or even in some cases prevent intruders from gaining access through storefronts.

We offer five different thickness films: 4-mil, 7-mil, 8-mil, 11-mil, and 16-mil.

As always, we can help you decide which thickness suits your needs best.

Broken car window without safety film
Broken glass with safety film
Broken glass windows, no safety film
Delay intruders with Safety Film.

Help Delay a Forced Entry. Make it more difficult to get through your windows.

Provide time by helping to deter unwanted intruders from entering your home or business.


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