Tinted windows will significantly
reduce the temperature inside
your vehicle, reducing the
energy costs of heating
and cooling it.

Home & Business

Window film will help reduce heat gain
caused by continuous exposure to
the sun. Stop shutting those blinds or
drapes to keep out the heat and glare
of the sun, and instead, open them
up to enjoy the natural sunlight
without the heat or glare.

Paintless Dent Removal

Dings from car doors. Imprints from shopping carts. Dips from hail storms. Although aggravating to motorists, small cosmetic blemishes such as these can be repaired in a matter of minutes. Using a concept known as paintless dent removal.

Safety Film

Flying glass from a broken
window can cause serious
injury. Safety film will hold
the glass in one piece, and
help prevent such injuries.

Paint Protection

Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film

Have this virtually invisible
urethane film professionally
applied to high-impact areas
of your vehicle to protect your
paint job from stone chips,
sand, road debris and bug acids.

Smoke Out Lights

It has been estimated that on average
1 out of every 6 automobiles will
require headlight replacement due to
damage from road debris. Depending
on the automobile you have, we
provide protection for your headlights
with a thick protective layer of
Ricochet (TM) clear.

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